Your entire office, on any device.

The power to access your desktop, business applications, and data from anywhere, anytime – without having to sacrifice, control and support.

NO hidden clauses and NO long-term lock-in contracts.

The freedom to work anywhere with T Gen’s Unique Cloud Desktop & Communicator

Cloud Desktop



What are T Gen Cloud Desktops?

T Gen Cloud Desktops are for businesses of all sizes and give your staff the ability to access the latest Microsoft Office suite and applications from anywhere, anytime on any device. Integrating with your existing systems and data T Gen Cloud Desktops securely manage your company and user data in the cloud and provide your team the freedom and performance to work how and where they want.

It’s a revolutionary way to manage your businesses IT, providing the best experience for your entire team. No lock-in contracts. No hidden clauses. Just everything your team needs.





Global users




Thousands of Users.

Join the thousands of company users who are already benefiting from T Gen Cloud Desktop.











Microsoft Office Premium 2013. Included.

T Gen Cloud Desktops include Microsoft Office 2013. Including popular apps such as Microsoft Office Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint,. Every application included in T Gen Cloud Desktop are ready for immediate use with no setup required, simply login and begin working with your Microsoft Office.

Includes 5 full versions of Microsoft Office Premium 2013 to load onto 5 devices so you can work off line.







Communicator 100 dpiT Gen Communicator. Included.

The T Gen Communicator Suite is a comprehensive, cloud-enabled business unified communications solution. It provides quick and easy desktop access to modern communications. SMS, Fax, e post (Australia Post) and Business VoIP Phones

  • Popup notification of incoming messages (Fax, SMS)
  • Print to fax / Print to e-Post (Australia Post)
  • Messaging broadcasting (bulk sending)
  • Click to call
  • Contact import from Microsoft Outlook (2010 and 2013)
  • Cloud-based archiving of sent and received messages







Secure and Local

T Gen Cloud Desktops are maintained in Australian based Tier III+ Data-centre facilities, ensuring your data remains local and protected under Australian Commonwealth law. Your T Gen Cloud Desktops are also secured by multiple layers of physical redundancy including fully fault-tolerant including data links, storage, cooling, fire suppression and uninterruptible power supply. T Gen Cloud Desktops are proven, with Zero outages and 100% uptime since inception.







Hi Performance


High Performance. Zero Outages. Always Backed Up.

T Gen Cloud Desktops are hosted in our data centres giving you the speed and performance beyond that of an onsite server. Our T Gen Cloud Desktops are built to avoid completely any outages, and since inception have provided 100% uptime for all users. All of your data is automatically backed up, and is physically protected by multiple redundancies across our data centres for the ultimate peace of mind.








Guaranteed Compatibility

Whatever applications, systems, or environments you are currently operating, providing they run on a Windows-compatible PC, they are guaranteed to be compatible with T Gen Cloud Desktops.









Bring Your Own Apps

  • We can host any of your existing applications and deliver them within your T Gen Cloud Desktop








Installation Fees




  • Managed antivirus software, automatically updates every 3 hours
  • Software updates including Windows and Microsoft Office updates
  • 24×7 service availability monitoring






T Gen Cloud Back Up & StorageWHAT’S MY STORAGE CAPACITY?

  • 20GB Cloud Desktop Storage
  • 50GB Exchange Mailbox
  • 1TB OneDrive Cloud File Storage








T Gen Cloud Desktop Vs. Office 365


T Gen
Cloud Desktop

Compatible with all of your current business software
Your data is super secure and ONLY stored in Australian data centres
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Full versions of Microsoft Office Premium 2013 Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) available in the cloud and desktop for when you are off line
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No overseas call centres here, Australians in Australian based support centre
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Professional services to help migrate your business into the cloud Tick 1385715437_fileclose
Flexibility to include your own windows applications (MYOB etc)
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Full versions of Office Suite for 5 separate devices so you can work offline anytime (perfect for long flights)
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